Hey, everyone~

There’s a bad news here. This morning, I tried to download all the files I’ve uploaded so far, and none of them works! I was so shocked, but I can’t do anything about it.

Since download links have now become my biggest problem, I don’t know where else I should upload the scanlations in the future. But I’ll try to figure that out.

But here’s another problem. I’ve decided to take out all the links from the site, until I’ve figured this problem out. I’m tired to change the links back and forth every month, so I decided not to do anything until I get one that really is reliable (please send your suggestion ^_^ ).

If you still want to read all my publications, here is the instruction (the link is also provided) of how to do it:

-) For Daichohen Doraemon, you can either read it online on Onemanga, or you can download it on Mangatraders (but you need to make an account first).

-) For Doraemon Plus, you can read it online on Onemanga.

-) For Happy Tomorrow, you can download it on Stoptazmo. Go to the [LATEST DOWNLOAD] option. But do this as soon as possible, since they will take out the oldest link and replace it with the new one every other day or so.

-) For Miiko Desu!, unfortunately, you can’t read or download it anywhere. And on top of it, I also lost all the files. I’m so sorry. Please wait for another coming chapters instead.

-) For the future projects, I will not upload it until I find a reliable web hosting.

That’s all the news for today. Thank you so much for understanding, and see you on the next publication!