Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while since the last time I updated, I guess. Well, first thing first, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to you all!
Although some countries are still on December 31st, I believe the others are on January 1st already 😉

Either way, I’m presenting to you the New Year’s gift, with 9 publications at once, including 6 chapters of random selection of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 21 and 3 chapters of the new series, Happy Tomorrow. If you’re hungry for more, I’m also adding the special chapter from Daichohen Doraemon vol. 21, so there are 10 chapters in total for today!

You might wonder what is going on with today’s publication? If so, then I’ll explain to you first 😀

For Happy Tomorrow, you might think that the genre is completely off from my other publications (which most are intended for children), but I do want to put some variations on the publications. This manga is a shoujo manga, with romance and friendship as the main themes.
Either you like shoujo manga or not, I think this manga is worth reading.

And for Daichohen Doraemon, you’ll notice that I’m going all the way to vol. 21. But worry not! I’m going to continue with vol. 4, 5, and so on. However, I’ve decided to give a random selection that can be published anytime without notice first. The good thing of this special random selection that you can enjoy the whole book at once, while you probably have to wait for a day or two (or maybe more ^^; ) for the other volumes.
Also, notice that this volume was published after the dead of the author, Fujiko F. Fujio, so the drawing style is completely different from his. However, the story of Doraemon is still worth reading regardless of who the artists are. Especially on this volume, where you can enjoy the adventure of Nobita and the birdmen 😉

Phew, enough talking, I guess ^^;
Then, without further ado, please enjoy the whole 10 chapters of the New Year’s release!