Hey again, everyone!

Finally! After a long pause, I can finally update another chapter *phew*.
For those who have been waiting for Happy Tomorrow, this is my present for you. By uploading this chapter, I finally have one project done. I’m so happy XD~

Please tell me if there’s any problem with the download link or the file itself. Honestly, I spent a lot of time for this chapter, while kept changing computers, from PC to Mac. When I downloaded it earlier, there were some problems on the file, but I fixed it, so hopefully, nothing goes wrong now.

However, feel free to tell me if anything’s wrong with it.
Also, please bear with my slow speed from now on, since I have no idea when my computer will get fixed, and so I can only do the scanlation at school, while I also have tons of homeworks to do.

I’ll try to upload another chapter as soon as possible, but meanwhile, please enjoy this last chapter of Happy Tomorrow!