Daichohen Doraemon vol. 04 ch. 02-05

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Hey, everyone~

If you want to know what happens to Nobita and his friends in Daichohen Doraemon vol. 4, today is your lucky day!
I’ve uploaded all the chapters already, so please enjoy. Also, feel free to tell me if the link doesn’t work, since there were some problems occured during the uploading.

Thanks in advance.

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 04 ch. 01

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Hey, everyone~

More Daichohen Doraemon is on the way. This time is the volume 4’s turn. Find out what happens with Nobita and his friends during their summer break, and what kind of adventure they’ll be facing at this time!

I’m trying to finish the rest of the volume, but meanwhile, please enjoy this first chapter first.