Hello, everyone!

I’ll share another good news with you today. Lin-chan has helped me put back all the links for Daichohen Doraemon series, so for those who did not have an opportunity to download them, today is your lucky day 😀
You can now download the series directly from the site (again, thanks to Lin-chan XD~).

Another news is that I got back the script from my translator for Daichohen Doraemon vol. 5. Having said that, you can expect that this series will continue soon. However, I’ll also be working on other projects, including some new series, so please stay tuned and follow all the series if you’re interested ^_^

Lastly, I’m still in need of J-E translators and editors (not for Daichohen Doraemon or Doraemon Plus, but for other projects). Please consider to join our team and help us to make the publication even faster 🙂

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and support!
Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it ^_^