Doraemon Plus vol. 02 part 03


Okay, the last package of Doraemon Plus vol. 2 is uploaded today. You can download it here.

To be honest, it was so much fun for me doing these last 7 chapters, because they are so funny. Therefore, I really hope that you can enjoy these chapters as much as I do.

Thank you so much for all your comments, by the way. They push me to do better now.

Lastly, without further ado, please enjoy the last chapter of Doraemon Plus vol. 2, nee~

Doraemon Plus vol. 02 part 02

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Hey, everyone~

Sorry for a long delay of Doraemon Plus. If you’re looking for the continuation of this story, today is your lucky day 😉

Doraemon Plus vol. 2 part 2 that contains chapter 8-14 is now uploaded. Find out more about Nobita and his pranks, and how he deals with Doraemon and his friends.

I also want to welcome some new members of the team!
Thank you so much, guys! You’re such a big help to me! With their help, you can expect more publications of Doraemon Plus and Daichohen Doraemon! *Let’s warmly welcome them*.

Lastly, there will be more and more surprises up till New Year. Be sure to catch all the publications 😉

Enjoy as always, then~

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 02 part 04 & 05


Hey, everyone!

Volume 2 of Daichohen Doraemon is finally done! If you want to know how the last battle between our friends, Nobita with Galtide, these two chapters are so worth reading.

We’ll start volume 4 shortly. There’ll be another interesting adventure for Nobita and friends ahead.

Enjoy this chapter~

And for the reminder, we’re still looking for more and more translators 🙂

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 02 part 02 & 03

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Hey, everyone~

Seems like it’s been a while since I uploaded the last chapter of Daichohen Doraemon. So, without further ado, there are chapter 2 and 3 ready for you 😉
Find out what happens with Nobita and Doraemon after being carried away with unexpected flood from another dimension!

Lastly, I still need 2-3 more Japanese-English translators for Daichohen Doraemon and our new project, Go Ahead.


Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 06

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A new chapter of Miiko Desu!
This will be the last chapter for this year. But don’t worry, since it’ll continue in January. Meanwhile, please enjoy this chapter for now ^^v

From Valentine, we’re going to April fool now. Find out what happens with Miiko on this big day!

Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 05

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It’s a Valentine day on Doko Demo Doa manga scanlations!

Well, at least it is for our little Miiko XD~
Is she giving a chocolate to anyone? Feel free to guess or find out by reading the newest chapter of Miiko Desu!

I’m craving for chocolate now *looking for a brownie*.

Enjoy this sweet chapter, everyone~

Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 04


Well, I was thinking to upload it on New Year day, since the theme is about New Year, but it’s finished much earlier than expected 😀
*Thank you for your hard work, team!*

Want to know what happens when Miiko lose her otoshidama (New Year’s gift)? Find out on this chapter ^_^


Daichohen Doraemon vol. 02 part 01

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Hey, everyone!

Hungry for more Daichohen Doraemon? Today, we serve your order with the first part of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 2.
Check out the new adventure of Nobita and Doraemon on planet Kooya-Kooya, and how he deals with Giant, Suneo, and his new friends who actually live under his room’s tatami!

Please tell me if anything goes wrong,
and enjoy as always~

Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 03

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Hey, everyone!

Today is Miiko Desu!’s turn. Please enjoy this chapter about Miiko and her attempt to get a lovely brooch for Christmas party.
I also re-uploaded chapter 1 and 2 to Mediafire. If the link still doesn’t work, feel free to tell me 🙂

Enjoy as always~

Daichohen Doraemon vol.03 part 05

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The last part of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 03 is uploaded. For those who want to know what happen to Nobita and Peko, this chapter must be worth reading 😉

If you notice, I missed 2 pages for the last part. I’m really really sorry. There’s no dialogue there, just a song. I’ll probably re-upload this part sometime in the future, but meanwhile, I hope you can still enjoy this chapter.

I also reupload all the files for Daichohen Doraemon in Mediafire. But for Miiko Desu and Doraemon Plus, please give me more time to do it. For those who want to read Doraemon Plus, you can read it online on They’ve uploaded all the chapters from this site, so you can still enjoy them.

Sorry for all the troubles, and thank you for your comments.


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