Hey, everyone~

How are you all doing? I hope this first month of the year is all together good for you.
Having said that, we finally closed this month with our last releases of the month today – Kaze no Sylphid and Shoujo Shounen. We hope you’re all satisfied with our releases for the past 29 days, and see you again in February!

Talking about February…
As special as the month is, we have a HUGE surprise for you, especially for you who LOVE Higuchi Daisuke-sensei and Suenobu Keiko-sensei.

Right, we’ll celebrate “Love” here in Doko Demo Doa. All the releases will be about friendship, bond, and love. I’d like to give a line up spoiler right now, but I think it’ll just ruin everything ^_^

Lastly, please enjoy our new releases and see you all again soon!