Hey, everyone~

This is just a random talk, but after a year and 2 months, I feel like writing down our group’s most favorite projects. The list will only include the current ongoing projects and it will only include the first top 5.

Just for your information, this list will NOT affect the speed of each project’s publication. What we’ve done, we’ll give it to you right away.

Okay, then, without further ado, here’s the list:

The first on the list is our new project, Shoujo Shounen. We only uploaded it 5 days ago, but apparently, this little boy *or should I say “girl”* has made it to the first rank!

Thank you so much for you all, readers! And I want to special thanks my team who have been working on this project as well.

RAW Provider: Hapi
Translator: maccha
Proofreader: cloudcake16

The second on the rank is Junjyou Karen na Oretachi da! This weirdo pair – Akira/Katta – has made it to the second! Thank you for all JunKare’s readers. I promise, the story will get better and better. And don’t forget! Another character from Harlem Beat has yet to come, so stick around! 😉

Translator: Sora Cairn
Proofreader: cloudcake16 & Kar-San

The third one is Kaze no Sylphid. Thanks to you, awesome fans who’ve been sticking with this project. Sylphid will be on our current project for a long long time, but hopefully, he won’t dissapoint you ^_^

Proofreader: cloudcake16

The fourth one is… guess what? Miiko Desu! I can’t believe it myself that this little girl – Miiko – can prove herself worthy to be on the top 5! Thank you so much, you, awesome readers! We’re sorry for the delay, but we promise to finish this project ’till the end.

Proofreader (current): cloudcake16

The last of the 5 is Daichohen Doraemon. Yes, this little cat robot needs more attention >_<
After having been sticking with us for more than a year, we’ve finally almost completed it. Hopefully, we can finish this longest project of ours in the next 3 months.

Translators (current): maccha, Jimbob, icedmochi, Sora Cairn
Proofreader (current): cloudcake16
Editor (current): wahwa

That’s all, folks. Hope you’ll enjoy these projects more than ever. And don’t forget, we still have more in store!


1. Reikyou Kaden, one of our current projects, has been hiatus for a while. But the good news is, we’ll continue it in February. So for those who’ve been waiting for the series, next month will be your month! Don’t miss it 😉

2. Limit, our new project, will also be launched in February! Suenobu Keiko’s fans, next month will also be your month!

That being said, see you next time, everyone!