April’s First Release

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Hi, everyone~

Despite of being busy lately, I decided to release something to celebrate the Earth day. By chance, I have this one-volume manga that is heavily related to planting trees and taking care of our Earth, which matches our theme, so I thought… why not releasing it today?


  • 2 chapters from the on-going projects and one new one-volume.

See you again (hopefully) soon!

April’s Announcement

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Hello, DDD’s readers!

I’m SOOO surprised that after a while I have put this site on hiatus, I still got a lot of comments, questions, and supports! You guys rock! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
Having said that, there are some announcements I need to upload today. These announcements will also cover some of your questions that you have sent me via email or through DDD site comment box.

– – – – –

First thing first,  I’ve been very busy with my real life lately that I have barely got time to do the scanlation. That’s why there hasn’t been any release lately. However, I was lucky enough to be able to obtain some of the rarest mangas out there these past few months, so I’m so excited to release them as soon as possible \(^-^)/

Second, regarding Issho ni Neyou yo, Forbidden Garden and I have already found the RAW for the last 3 volumes. Thank you so much for those who helped us find it. However, the RAW is not the main reason why we are putting this project on hiatus. From my side, again, I’m currently busy with other stuff that I don’t have time to edit it, while from the Forbidden Garden’s side, the translator is currently busy translating other projects. We’re sorry for the long wait, but please bear with us. We promise we will continue this project as soon as we can. After all, it’s been urdzy’s and my dream to complete another project soon.

– – – – –

Well, I guess that’s all for today. See you again soon with new releases!

February’s Last Release

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こんにちは, 皆さん. 先週は私にとって良い週ではなかった (- -“)

特に金曜日に, 機嫌悪い, 泣きも続けた. あの時, 何もしたくない, 何もできなかった. もちろん, サキャンラッティングのことも. でも, 今もう大丈夫よ! なかまたちの皆さんのおかげで. りーさんとさちゃんとしーちゃんといちゃんとぴーさんも, ありがとうございましたね! 皆さんは, 私の力ですよ! 本当にありがとう! さあ, 前に進みましょうか!

– – – – –


  • 2 chapters, including one new one-shot.

February’s Third Release

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こんにちは, 皆さん.

今年のバレンタインデーはとても楽しかったです! チョコレートといろいろ甘い物をたくさん食べることができるから. やっぱり, チョコレートが好きな人(私らしい)に, バレンタインデーはすてきな日ですね~( ̄▽ ̄)

– – – – –


  • 2 chapters, including one new one-volume.

February’s Second Release

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  • FAQ updated. More information will be added along the way.


  • 2 chapters, including one new sweet one-shot, perfect for the Valentine’s Day.

– – – – –

皆さん, お久しぶりです. いろいろがあって, サキャンラッティングのこともできなかった. あの時, 私は, やめたいと考えた瞬間があったが, 最後に, やめたくなかった… いいえ, やめませんでした. やっぱり, サキャンラッティングのことが大好きです! この気持があるかぎり, 絶対にやめません. とにかく, このブログを訪問してくれて, ありがとうございます. じゃ, またね!

February’s First Release

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From today on, Doko Demo Doa has become a private group. Apart from our joint projects, none of our projects will be uploaded here.

とにかく, 今日は知り合いの娘の誕生日です. Aちゃん, お誕生日おめでとうございます! お元気な女の子になってくださいね~
素晴らしいバースデーパーティーも持っていて, よかったですね (^-^)

P.S. We are releasing 2 chapters today, but I will not list the released title anymore.

November’s Second Release

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  1. Fashion Fade volume 4 part 2
  2. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 4 chapter 20 (joint)


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