Why “early”?
Well, the answer is because there will be a “Huge” announcement coming up, following this one (^-^)
I just want to give you a head start, so you won’t be shocked with the future announcement.

Anyway, it seems that most people think that we’re already inactive, and some groups have started to “steal” my projects.
Actually, I don’t like the word “stealing,” but I don’t know what other word to use, since they didn’t even come to me first and ask for it.

But what’s happened happened already, and I’m not even gonna fight for it, since I was planning to drop all┬ámy current projects anyway (what’s the point of continuing them if people can’t read them, right?)
It’s better if someone else picks them up and shares them.

To my loyal readers, though… don’t worry.
I have a lot of new series ready for you, and they are all just as good as the other projects. I’m currently working on them right now, and hopefully, I can release them on DDD’s anniversary.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Please look forward to the follow-up announcement and our big-time/come-back release!