Hiya, folks.
So here we are again. The last week of the month, which only means one thing on DDD… celebration!!!

As grand and majestic as Beauty and the Beast’ last waltz and Simba’s roar, we too, have prepared a grand and majestic ending for you today.
For starters, we have concluded 2 of our current projects today! YAY! And if those are not enough, we also have the monthly series Oiran Girl and the continuation of Kousha no Ura ni wa~ This manga has stolen my heart right away and I dearly hope that it will steal yours too. Last but not least, we also have the star of today’s release, Fashion Fade. Remember that we are celebrating the beast theme this month? Well, see it for yourself how Fade works out our monthly theme on this chapter. It is amazing!

Anyway, before you download the releases today, I just need to make a couple of announcements…


  • I will close the poll on October 15th, so the next 2 weeks will be your last chance to vote for your favorite manga.
  • We still need more proofreaders to help us. Please email me if you’re interested.


  1. Fashion Fade volume 3 part 3
  2. Kousha no Ura ni wa Tenshi ga Umerarete Iru chapter 2
  3. Limit chapter 23 END!
  4. Oiran Girl chapter 9
  5. Prince Collection chapter 6 END!