Hey, everyone. 

Three quick announcements… 


  • Some of you might be wondering why I’m uploading later than usual this week. Well, the reason is because today is our wonderful affiliate, Forbidden Garden’s 3rd anniversary! Congratulations, urdzy! Congratulations, Forbidden Garden! Anyway, please come visit their site if you’d like to congratulate and thank them for their hard work too 😀 
  • Just want to remind you that we’re having a poll, so please check it out and participate if you haven’t yet. 
  • The last announcement… I want to inform you that I won’t be actively online from now on. Of course, I’ll still do the weekly releases, but I most likely won’t be able to reply your emails anymore. Therefore, I want to apologize in advance if your emails haven’t been replied. I’ll probably have more time after summer, but not sure. 

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the releases right away. 


  1. Couverture chapter 2
  2. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 3 chapter 15 (joint)
  3. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 3 chapter 16 (joint

That’s all for today and enjoy the releases.