Okay, here you go~

Our promise for today – we are releasing everything on the main site, so you can just directly download them here. However, please keep in mind that the links will be removed (most likely) a week from today, so act fast and download now.

Now, on to the announcements:

  • We will be having one more release tomorrow, so please look forward to it.
  • We’re still looking for more translators (J-E and C-E) to help us translate our future projects and oneshots.

Today’s special:

  1. Fashion Fade volume 2 part 8 – the last release before we put this project on hiatus.
  2. Limit volume 4 chapter 13 – the wait is over, but the fun has just begun.
  3. Oiran Girl volume 1 chapter 3 – we’re sorry for a long delay, but we’ll be releasing this series once or twice a month now.
  4. Tabidachi no Hi (oneshot) – a sweet oneshot by Kumaoka Fuyu.


  1. Gakuen Babysitters Cinderella Special
  2. Tsuki no Umareru Yoru volume 3 chapter 12

Enjoy reading~