Hey, everyone.
Another week has passed (I can’t believe it!)

Anyway, we have several announcements to make this week before we go to the releases.

1. Urdzy, the admin of Forbidden Garden -our sister group- celebrated her birthday yesterday, so my team and I would like to congratulate her too. Happy “belated” Birthday, urdzy 😀
Despite of having a birthday, she was still able to finish a chapter of Issho ni Neyou yo. Isn’t she amazing? Please thank her for her hard work ^_^

2. Sorry, baby lovers! We do not have a new chapter of Gakuen Babysitters this week. However, we have a new oneshot by Matsumoto Yoko (one of my most favorite authors). Fathskie Scans -another sister group of ours- recommended this and we ended up doing it together. We hope you’ll enjoy this series as much as we do. And I hope it’s good enough to replace the babies 😉

3. A few more translators help would be greatly appreciated. We need more translators for Oiran Girl and future projects.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the releases:

1. Fashion Fade volume 2 part 7


2. Issho ni Neyou yo volume 2 chapter 8
3. Tsuki no Umareru Yoru volume 3 chapter 11
4. Youkoso Mystery Tour E (oneshot) NEW!