Hey, everyone.

Sadly to say, we have to announce some bad news.

We clearly state on our FAQ page that we no longer allow anyone to re-upload or host our projects ANYWHERE else. But sadly, we still have found at least 10 other sites that have our projects in them.

With this, we have no other option but to make a big change to our site. We’re planning to make our releases more private, which means that the link to our release will no longer be accessible on the main site. If you want to download our releases, you will have to come to our forum to get them. But the bad news is, they will not be so easy to access. You need to join our forum for sure, and you also need to participate first before you can download the releases.

Note that we do not do this just to get more people joining our forum. We do this because we want to make our releases as private as possible.

We are not going to do this right away, though. We will start this system sometime around next week or we could even start it in March. But we’re planning to do this as soon as we can, so please be aware!

Thank you so much for your support and everything. We’ll keep you update, so please come to our site and forum as often as possible to get the freshest news.


01/18/11 – For those who have already registered, start posting away! If you start now, you would probably have 50 postings ready by the time we start the system, so you could download the releases immediately.

01/19/11 – We will post our weekly release list as soon as we start the system, so you’ll have an idea of what manga we release every week.