Hey, everyone 😀

Guess what? It’s Thanksgiving! Before I start with the releases, I want to thank all the readers who’ve supported us until now and especially my team. This publication wouldn’t be possible without them 😀

Anyway, we probably can’t serve you with the real “banquet”, but we’re here to serve you with our special releases of the month! So grab your plate and fork, and enjoy the meal! We hope these releases can make your Thanksgiving sweeter and merrier.

To begin with, we’ll serve you with a short, yet funny and delightful story of South Prince and North Princess. Like a good appetizer, this story will start your appetite without filling you up.

Next, we have the main dishes, Fashion Fade and Naisho no Princess. You can imagine them as the turkey and gravy or cranberry sauce. You can’t separate them, and they complement each other.

If you’re not full yet, we have the next volume of Chinpui! It’s thick but light, just like a good side dish should be (it reminds me of stuffing or mashed potato right away).

Last but not least… please save room for dessert! We have a new series released, Oiran Girl! The best meal of the day! It’s sweet and it fills you up.

So there they are. We hope you’ll all enjoy our releases and have a very happy, wonderful Thanksgiving!