Hey, everyone!

Finally, today is the day. We will announce which manga you asked us to scanlate are accepted, and which ones are not, as well as some conditions that go with it.

First, I want to thank you all for participating. I wouldn’t have known most of these awesome titles if you didn’t tell me about it. Unfortunately, for some reasons, we can’t do them all 😦
I hope some other groups will step up and scanlate the ones I’m not capable to do, so we can still enjoy them.


-) Break Shot by Maekawa Takeshi (requested by dot702).
-) Kiteretsu Daihyakka by Fujiko F. Fujio (requested by 野比 のび太).
-) Ringlet by Murakawa Michio (requested by Fiddler).

Though we’ve accepted the above series, there are still a couple of conditions before we can make your dreams come true.

  1. We’re really really in need of translators! If you can’t help us translate, please help us spread the word that we need translators.
  2. For other groups who read this: None of these manga (including the accepted ones) is on our “future projects” list yet, so feel free to take them if you think you can do it faster than us. All in all, we only care for the people to be able to read and enjoy these wonderful, unknown, underrated manga.


-) Koma Koma by Yonebayashi Shouki.
RAW wanted! Please send me the links of the RAW if you find it!

-) Mash Go! by Komori Yoichi and Yonebayashi Shouki.
RAW wanted!

-) Monga no Daichi by Komori Yoichi and Kikuta Hiroyuki.
RAW wanted!

-) Nijuu Mensou no Musume by Ohara Shinji.

-) Tekken Chinmi by Maekawa Takeshi.


-) Aoki Shinwa Mars by Motoshima Yukihisa.
The sequel of our current project, Kaze no Sylphid. Unfortunately, I don’t have the RAWs for the sequel. I hope you can get the RAWs yourself and read them. I strongly recommend it.

-) Ayatsuri Sakon by Sharaku Maro and Obata Takeshi.
To be honest, I’m a big fan of Obata-sensei and it’d be an honor for me if I could finish this uncompleted project. However, the series was mostly done by another group, and due to the lack of staff, I prefer to work on something longer than just finishing up the last volume of the uncompleted project.

-) Brafman by Kijima Renga.
As we mentioned on the FAQ page, we refuse to work on the series that is still ongoing in Japan. We will re-consider it again when the series is completed.

-) Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Monogatari by Isurugi Ayuma.
Ailea, don’t worry. I don’t reject this series because it’s under the josei genre. I refuse to work on it because I don’t have the RAWs for it and the series is too long. I love the artwork, though. I hope someone will pick it up someday.

-) Gaku by Ishizuka Sinichi.
Unfortunately, the manga is still ongoing in Japan and it’s way too long 😦

-) Hanada Shounen-shi by Isshiki Makoto.

-) Joou Kishi Monogatari by Shimomura Tomohiro.
This series is too long for 2 translators to handle.

-) Jungle Guu by Kindaichi Renjuurou.
The series is way too long 😦

-) Otogi Matsuri by Inoue Junya.
The series is too long.

-) The Chef by Tsurugina Mai and Katou Tadashi.
I read the first chapter a long time ago and loved it! If I had at least 10 translators to help me work on it, I promise I’d re-consider it. But unfortunately, this manga is waaay too long and there’s no way we can do it with only 2 translators in hand.
I strongly recommend this manga, though. So, for those who understand Japanese and can get the RAWs for this manga, please give it a go. Your appetite will be satisfied with each gourmet food the Chef has to deliver in each chapter 😉

-) W’s by Seo Kouji.
The truth is, I’d love to work on this manga, but this project is already under Kaichou! group’s current project.

So, I guess that’t it. Thanks again for participating, everyone. I really hope that someone can scanlate the ones I can’t.