Big NEWS, everyone!

This month, there will be double proofreaders’ birthdays!

As you might have noticed already, our beloved proofreader/translator, cloudcake16, will have her birthday on July 16th. But guess what?

Our new proofreader, Ryuushi, will have hers too on July 12th! What an unexpected surprise!

Since Ryuushi just joined us after I wrote the July’s journal, I didn’t include her birthday back then. Therefore, it’s time for me to update the SURPRISE!

That’s right! Their birthday means more surprise for you! I’ll divide evenly the surprise for both days, so please stick around.

We will celebrate the first birthday of our new lovely proofreader tomorrow!

Lastly, I’d like to wish them the most wonderful birthday ever!

Happy Birthday, Ryuushi! cloudcake16!


July 12th

1. Animal Sense volume 1 chapter 1
2. Kaze no Sylphid volume 16 chapter 134

July 16th

1. Animal Sense volume 1 chapter 2
2. Kaze no Sylphid volume 16 chapter 137
3. Pi-Natsu ga Ippai volume 1 part 1