Hey, everyone.

Due to some circumstances, we have decided to make some changes on our site.

1. We already put down the download links for our completed projects. We are not going to upload them somewhere else for now, but we might re-upload them or put them somewhere in the future.

2. We do not allow anyone to host our projects for the time being, nor do we allow people to upload our projects anywhere else. We provide the download links on our site, so please just come here and download them.

3. We are not going to work on the on-going projects in Japan anymore, and that includes LIMIT. Having said that, we decided to put down the download links for now.

Please keep in mind that we are not dropping the project. We are just going to wait until the series ends in Japan or until the tankoubon for volume 3 comes out. In the mean time, there will be no monthly release for LIMIT anymore.

Thank you so much and see you on the next releases!