Hey, everyone~

I’ve finally had time to write a little update. Anyway, there’re two things I need to mention, so…

The first one is the fact that I’ve got a lot of comments regarding “out of bandwith” problem. I think this is a common problem from the download link I use, so please wait for a moment. You should be able to download it again by the end of the month. Sorry for the trouble. Meanwhile, you can read Daichohen Doraemon volume 13 chapter 4 & 5 on Onemanga.

Second, for those who haven’t noticed yet, we decided to drop Heroine o Mezase! from our projects, due to lack of interest. We might continue on this project someday in the future, but not now.

Thanks for your understanding and please look forward to our next publications 🙂
There will be many more surprises!