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Hey, there, everyone XD~

I’ve been questioned for Doko Demo Doa’s future projects, and to answer your questions, here it is! We’ve prepared SIX future projects and at least TWO HIDDEN upcoming projects. Hidden means that they will be for surprise 😀

*Everybody loves surprises, right?*

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between “future” and “upcoming” project, please look at the FAQ

Anyway, my proofreader and I have talked about this for a while, and honestly, we had a hard time picking up which project we should do first ^^;
So we thought, why don’t we give you all a chance to help us picking up your favorite project?

Please bear in mind that all the future projects will be uploaded sooner or later, but we will pick one or two priority projects to be done first, and those series would be up to your choice!

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at our future projects, which also can be seen in here:

1. Chim Chim Cherry!
2. Delicious!
3. Junjyou Karen na Oretachi da!
4. Paradise e no Tobira
5. Shoujo Shounen – Go! Go! Ichigo
6. Tenshi ni Kiss

As we’ve revealed the projects to you, we really hope that you will participate on this poll. You can send me an email, comment on this article, or just do the polling on the bottom right ^_^

Les Mille Fleurs vol. 03 ch. Extra

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Hey, everyone~

The last part of Les Mille Fleurs has now been uploaded. What left is the two parts of its sequel 🙂
Please look forward to it. In addition, we also have prepared at least two new projects! Yup, you heard me, two projects at least coming soon! If everything works well, we will also upload more future projects, but it will be a surprise v(^_^)v

Thank you so much for supporting us all along, everyone~
Please enjoy this sweet chapter about Kazushi *our gift to all Kazushi’s fans*