Kimi ga Kimi de aru Tame ni ch. 02


Hey, everyone 🙂

Today is the release of the second chapter of Kimi ga Kimi de aru Tame ni. I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter, although this might be a little sensitive chapter for some people. Just one more chapter before it’s completed, I’m so excited XD~

Please enjoy another release hopefully tomorrow~

Kimi ga Kimi de aru Tame ni ch. 01


Hey, everyone ^_^

There’s a new project today. The genre is horror and mystery, something that I never took as projects before. But I really like the author, so I’m really happy to be able to pick up one of her manga. And it’s short too. Only one volume. I hope I can finish this project soon (with the help of my proofreader, cloudcake16 😉 ).

Anyway, you can download the first chapter here.

Enjoy this new project. Note that this comic is a horror comic, so don’t expect something funny will appear here, although there are some funny parts in this comic as well.