Itsuka Yume no Naka de vol. 01 ch. 01


Hey, everyone~

Another chapter is now released, and this time is a turn for Itsuka Yume no Naka de. Yup, this is a new series. As I promised, I’ve been working on some new projects, so you’ll have more varieties.

Thanks to Ivyscan, I can get a RAW for this rare manga ^_^

This manga is not really known, I guess, but personally, I really really like it. I like reading it, and I like scanlating it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I do.

Enough talking, please enjoy the first chapter of Itsuka Yume no Naka de.

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 05 part 04 and 05


Okay, everyone~

Thanks to my translator, delicacy, and editor, PeculatorX, I can finally upload the other two chapters of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 5, which also end the volume itself. With this, I’m finally able to finish another book of Daichohen Doraemon (17 more books to go *phew*).

Sorry for a long delay of this title. We all have been busy lately, so please be patient for another chapter ^_^
But don’t worry, since we’re still working on it anytime we can.

Also, look forward to another new series that will be uploaded soon!
The next series would be so interesting and funny, and I really love working on it. I hope you all will love it as much as I do 😀

We’re still looking for more and more translators (for Daichohen Doraemon, Doraemon Plus, Go Ahead, and Heroine o Mezase!), as well as some editors (for all series but Daichohen Doraemon and Doraemon Plus (we’ve had enough editors for these two, thank you ^_^)).

Last but not least, as always, please enjoy these last two chapters of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 5~

Go Ahead vol. 01 ch.01


Hey, everyone!

Another release is coming on the way. Yes, I could cheat my study time a little and do some scanlation, hehe. It might be the last release for a moment, but I’m planning to do some translation and scanlation during my break time, so don’t worry =)

Today is Go Ahead’s turn! And yes, this is a new project. I’ll gradually upload a new project from now on, so you can have more varieties. Rest assured, again, since I’ll still continue uploading the current ones (especially for those who love Doraemon series and Miiko Desu!).

Please let me know if something goes wrong with the link or the file itself. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to know your comment and opinion on this series as well ^_^
I just happen to be a fan of Higuchi Daisuke’s work, so it’s kinda nice to be able to work on one of his manga.

Enough talking, I guess. Please enjoy this new project by Higuchi Daisuke.

Daichohen Doraemon Re-upload

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Hello, everyone!

I’ll share another good news with you today. Lin-chan has helped me put back all the links for Daichohen Doraemon series, so for those who did not have an opportunity to download them, today is your lucky day 😀
You can now download the series directly from the site (again, thanks to Lin-chan XD~).

Another news is that I got back the script from my translator for Daichohen Doraemon vol. 5. Having said that, you can expect that this series will continue soon. However, I’ll also be working on other projects, including some new series, so please stay tuned and follow all the series if you’re interested ^_^

Lastly, I’m still in need of J-E translators and editors (not for Daichohen Doraemon or Doraemon Plus, but for other projects). Please consider to join our team and help us to make the publication even faster 🙂

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions, and support!
Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it ^_^

Happy Tomorrow ch. 04


Hey again, everyone!

Finally! After a long pause, I can finally update another chapter *phew*.
For those who have been waiting for Happy Tomorrow, this is my present for you. By uploading this chapter, I finally have one project done. I’m so happy XD~

Please tell me if there’s any problem with the download link or the file itself. Honestly, I spent a lot of time for this chapter, while kept changing computers, from PC to Mac. When I downloaded it earlier, there were some problems on the file, but I fixed it, so hopefully, nothing goes wrong now.

However, feel free to tell me if anything’s wrong with it.
Also, please bear with my slow speed from now on, since I have no idea when my computer will get fixed, and so I can only do the scanlation at school, while I also have tons of homeworks to do.

I’ll try to upload another chapter as soon as possible, but meanwhile, please enjoy this last chapter of Happy Tomorrow!

Download Links – Fixed


Hey, everyone.

Seems that I’ve been telling you about bad news, huh? ^^;
I’m sorry, but things do happen in my life that make my publication speed become slower *sob*.

Anyway, as some people have mentioned, I realized that the download links work again. So feel free to download everything from the site now. I’ll try to re-upload Daichohen Doraemon sometime in the future when I have more time to do it.

By the way, another bad news coming on the way 😦
I hate to mention it, but my computer is currently broken now, and so I can’t do any translation or scanlation in a moment being. Well, I can do it at school, but my time is so limited. So do not expect for fast publications for the next 2-3 weeks. However, I’ll still do my best to continue upload one or two chapters every week.

Thank you so much for your understanding. Hope all these problem can be managed soon.

Also, our affiliate, Ivyscan, celebrates their anniversary this month, so if you like their publications, you might want to congratulate them. You can also comment on what they should do to improve their service to you.

Happy 5th Anniversary from Doko Demo Doa manga scanlations, Ivy-chan!

Download Links


Hey, everyone~

There’s a bad news here. This morning, I tried to download all the files I’ve uploaded so far, and none of them works! I was so shocked, but I can’t do anything about it.

Since download links have now become my biggest problem, I don’t know where else I should upload the scanlations in the future. But I’ll try to figure that out.

But here’s another problem. I’ve decided to take out all the links from the site, until I’ve figured this problem out. I’m tired to change the links back and forth every month, so I decided not to do anything until I get one that really is reliable (please send your suggestion ^_^ ).

If you still want to read all my publications, here is the instruction (the link is also provided) of how to do it:

-) For Daichohen Doraemon, you can either read it online on Onemanga, or you can download it on Mangatraders (but you need to make an account first).

-) For Doraemon Plus, you can read it online on Onemanga.

-) For Happy Tomorrow, you can download it on Stoptazmo. Go to the [LATEST DOWNLOAD] option. But do this as soon as possible, since they will take out the oldest link and replace it with the new one every other day or so.

-) For Miiko Desu!, unfortunately, you can’t read or download it anywhere. And on top of it, I also lost all the files. I’m so sorry. Please wait for another coming chapters instead.

-) For the future projects, I will not upload it until I find a reliable web hosting.

That’s all the news for today. Thank you so much for understanding, and see you on the next publication!

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 07


Hey, everyone.

I can’t believe that I actually still have some time in the middle of my homework to do some scanlations ^^;
So here it is, the whole volume of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 7. Expect this volume to be the second last volume of Daichohen Doraemon for a while (I’ll still upload another surprise volume and continue vol. 5), since there are requests that came to me to upload another series, such as Miiko Desu! and Happy Tomorrow (though I can change my mind anytime).

Also, I still need more translators for Daichohen Doraemon, Doraemon Plus, and Go Ahead. Doraemon Plus would have had a long pending until we find more translators. I’m sorry 😦
But anything could change, so don’t worry too much about it. I will definitely finish Doraemon Plus and I’m not going to drop it.

Thank you for your understanding,
And enjoy the whole volume of Daichohen Doraemon vol. 7, where Nobita and friends will fight against the steel troops. Yes, another robot theme series!

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 05 part 03


Hey, everyone~

As school has started, you’ve already realized that our publications have become slower. But don’t worry, since I’ll try to do my best to publish at least once a week.
Having said that, here’s Daichohen Doraemon vol. 05 part 03 for today. There are 2 more parts to go for this volume. Again, if you don’t like to wait, please keep the file first till we upload the whole parts, since I believe it’ll take quite a while to finish this volume.

For the reminder, we still need 5 or more translators (I can’t have enough translators, honestly >__< ). The editor position is now closed. Thank you for those who were applying, and welcome to the team 😀

Last but not least, enjoy reading, everyone~

Daichohen Doraemon vol. 05 part 01 & 02


Hey again, everyone!

I can’t believe that I’ll finish the other 2 chapters of Daichohen Doraemon, and this time is from volume 5. I hope you enjoy these chapters as much as I do.

Just so you know, volume 5 to 10 are all my favorite ones, so I know that I’ll enjoy doing those ^_^
But overall, each volume is unique on its own, and they’re all refreshing. So, without further ado, please enjoy the first 2 chapters of volume 5.

Warning: For those who don’t like to wait, you may want to save these chapters on your folder first, since I can’t guarantee that the next 3 chapters will come out quickly. However, my team and I are doing our best to publish it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, I still need more and more translators for Daichohen Doraemon and Go Ahead. Thanks in advance 😉

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