Doraemon Plus vol. 01 – Problem


Hey, everyone.

I want to apologize that the download link for Doraemon Plus vol. 01 is currently not working. I’ll see what I can do to fix it, but it might take a while. I might put the files to another direct download link, but it’s just for temporary, I guess. I don’t know for how many days you will be able to download it before the link goes down.

If you want to read Doraemon Plus, there’s another alternative. You can read it on They’ve uploaded all chapters of Doraemon Plus vol. 1 already, and you can read all of those online.

Again, sorry for the trouble, and thank you for your understanding.

I’ll try to upload Doraemon Plus vol. 2 as soon as possible.

Doraemon Plus vol. 01

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Good news, everyone~

We’re still in Thanksgiving weekend, and I’ve finished the whole chapters of Doraemon Plus vol. 01!
Note that I’ve erased chapter 1-10, and re-upload them along with the rest of the chapters in the package of 4. All those could be find on this page.

Enjoy this Doraemon Plus vol. 01.

Doraemon Plus vol. 01 ch. 07-10

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Whoops, more and more chapters of Doraemon Plus are coming XD~

I was planning to upload a new series this weekend, but I think I’ll need to change my plan, since my team is on their Thanksgiving break, and they do deserve some days off 😉
Therefore, in return to the delay of the new series, I’ll provide more chapters of Doraemon Plus. This time is from chapter 7 – 10, and all those can be downloaded from here.

I really wish I could finish Doraemon Plus as soon as possible ^_^

Enjoy, everyone!

Doraemon Plus vol. 01 ch. 06

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Hello again, everyone 😀

How’s your Thanksgiving? I hope you have enjoyed it. To make your Thanksgiving even merrier, I’d like to give you another chapter of Doraemon Plus. It’s a short chapter, but it’s still worth to be read, especially on this special day XD~

Lastly, enjoy as always~

Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 02

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Special thanks for the team for their hard work. It might be a day early, but for this Thanksgiving, I’ll present to you chapter 2 of Miiko Desu!

I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as you enjoy your pumpkin pie XD~

Doraemon Plus vol. 01 ch. 04 & 05


Two more new chapters from Doraemon Plus~

Thank you so much for your hard work, team! I really wish to finish volume 1 of Doraemon Plus as soon as possible 😉
Meanwhile, please enjoy these new interesting chapters, chapter 04 and 05.

Miiko Desu! vol. 01 ch. 01

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Yet another release XD~
This time is Miiko’s Desu!’s turn.

The first chapter has been released here.

Still, we are looking for Japanese-English translators for Daichohen Doraemon. It won’t get published as fast as the others until we’ve got enough translators.

Enjoy as always~

Doraemon Plus vol. 01 ch. 02 & 03

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Added chapter 02 and 03 of Doraemon Plus.

We still need Japanese-English translators, so please help if you’re interested ^_^


Doraemon Plus vol. 01 ch. 01



A new project has been added to the list!
It’s Doraemon Plus, the continuation of Doraemon Main Story. Ever wonder what the manga is about? More and more tools from Doraemon’s pocket are discovered, and some stories are even from the early era when Doraemon was first published.

Chapter 1 has been released now. Thank you so much for both of my proofreaders, Fahlain and rotam, who make the publication even faster!


Kimi ga Kimi de Aru Tameni – Dropped


As much as I want to translate and scan Kimi ga Kimi de Aru Tameni by Matsumoto Yoko, I found out this morning a fact that it was done scanlated by another group, ClubManga, in 2004. It’s been 4 years.

I checked their website, and hoped if I could re-new this scanlation project, but I didn’t see anywhere a link of their contact, so I can’t ask a permission for it.
Nonetheless, if there’s anyone who request me to continue this project, I will probably do it, since I didn’t find any link on their site to download this manga either. Otherwise, my final decision is to drop this project.

Wish I could do another manga by this awesome author in the future…

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